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Class/Credit Information

Additional Classes


In order to qualify for additional classes this year, a student must have perfect attendance for 3 straight weeks (including NO tardies). We will evaluate students every 3 weeks and award classes to those who are eligible. If a student fails to qualify during this current round, they will have another opportunity over the next 3 week period. There are ONLY 2 rounds per quarter.  In order for students to maintain eligibility for additional classes they must maintain the following:

  • No more than 3 absences or tardies combined.
  • No discipline issues or school suspensions

Failure to maintain the above will:

  • Disqualify a student from petitioning for additional classes for the remainder of the semester
  • Cause a student to be dropped from all extra classes.

The following dates signify the rounds when students will be awarded courses if they qualify after 3 weeks of good attendance.