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About HHS




"The mission of Hillside High School is to provide a safe environment where students can re-establish their academic, personal, and career goals necessary for success in a global society."


Hillside High School (WASC accredited through 2019 and twice recognized as a model school) is a continuation high school founded in 1987 to provide a flexible program that offers additional opportunities to complete the high school diploma to students who need a second chance. Every student participates in the development and implementation of a personal academic plan that includes use of variable credit and continuous progress to satisfy subject matter and credit requirements as well as intensive guidance services to meet pupils’ special needs. Success at Hillside is measured not only by the number of graduates but also by the number of students who complete requirements to return to the comprehensive high school. The curriculum is A-G which is rigorous and aligned with Common Core State Standards, reflecting the school’s ESLRs for its graduates: 


H   - High School diploma

A   - Achieve academic/career goals

W  - Welcome and respect cultural diversity

K   - Knowledge of, and access to 21-century technology

S   - Self Control, professional behavior, and conflict resolution