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Dear Hillside High School Families,


It does not seem possible that we have already completed a full school year.  I want to congratulate our 2014 graduates and wish them the best as they move on to the next phase of their education.  It has been rewarding watching these students mature and graduate.  Please remember that you must continue to attend school each day so that your points are recorded.  I would hate to see you fall short of credits because you were absent at the end of the year. 


For our juniors, I want to wish you the best as you head off for summer.  I encourage you to enroll in a summer school program.  The habit of working over the summer will help you prepare for your senior year.  Please watch for the registration letter you will be receiving in August for the upcoming school year.  For those of you that are returning to Upland High School, I want to wish you the best. 


In closing, I want to thank the Hillside staff for all of their hard work.  Have a wonderful summer.


Brad Cuff



  Cap & Gown Money Due – ASAP $45.00 Cash.

 Graduation Practice: Mandatory

­ Friday, May 30,   2014      9:00 – 11:00

­ Monday, June 2, 2014      9:00 – 11:00

Minimum Day Schedule

Tuesday, All students attend periods 1 - 4  (7:55 - 11:00)


Cap & Gowns plus your tickets will be given to you at Friday’s practice.

Graduation:  Monday, June 2, 2014 - 6:00

  • All seniors must be at Hillside by 5:00 for Senior Picture.  Envelopes are available in the office. The cost is $13.00 and the picture will be mailed home to you. 
  • Tickets:
  • All graduates get 5 tickets.  If you need extra tickets, please contact Mrs. Boswell at (909)949-8400.  (Everyone must be in a seat).    


Suzann’s Flowers will be here to sell leis and balloons for your special graduate.  They will range from $6.00 to $40.00.


Video Yearbook/Graduation CD will be on sale at the door.  This will contain pictures from the year and from our graduation.  The cost is $10.00.

Minimum Day Schedule On Monday, June 2nd

Period 1                      7:55 - 8:25

Period 2                      8:26 - 8:56

Period 3                      8:57 - 9:27

Period 4                      9:28 - 9:58

Period 5                      9:59 - 10:29

Period 6                      10:30 - 11:00

Period 7                      11:01 - 11:31

Period 8                      11:32 - 12:02

Tuesday, June 3rd  All students attend periods 1 - 4  (7:55 - 11:00)

Grad Nite June 10, 2014:  All students that purchased tickets for Grad Nite are to report to the Upland High School Gym by 12:00 Noon on Tuesday, June 10th.


CAHSEE Testing – Any seniors that did not pass the CAHSEE may take the test one more time during the summer.  The testing date for English Language Arts is July 22nd and the testing date for Math is July 23rd.  This test will be administered at Upland High School on these days.  Please make sure that you are there by 8:30 a.m. for testing.  To study follow the links below:

English: http://www.cde.ca.gov/ta/tg/hs/elaguide.asp

Math: http://www.cde.ca.gov/ta/tg/hs/mathguide.asp



     Have you seen the fantastic student created art work on the walls of the student center?  It really brightens up our campus; it was initially created for the School Board members to enjoy during their meeting at Hillside.  Now it will continue for all of us to enjoy!  Nice work art students!



 Hillside High School is proud to announce that we had an excellent WASC visitation and we have received a six year accreditation.      Below is our mission statement and our Expected School-wide Learning Results.



     "The mission of Hillside High School is to provide a safe environment where students can re-establish their academic, personal, and career goals necessary for success in a global society."


ESLRs (Expected School-wide Learning Results)

     As the staff discussed the previous ESLRs, they decided to modify them in an attempt to make them more user friendly to students.  An acronym was developed in order to help students internalize the school's main goals.

H   - High School diploma

A   - Achieve academic/career goals

W  - Welcome and respect cultural diversity

K   - Knowledge of, and access to 21-century technology

S   - Self Control, professional behavior, and conflict resolution


2012 SCHOOL SURVEY HIGHLIGHTS - "Our survey said......"

97.5% say -"I receive regular reports on my student's progress." (Yeah School Loop!)

92.3% say  - "My student is prepared to write clearly and effectively." (Yeah school-wide writing!)

59% say - "My student is prepared to read, understand, and interpret information."

                                                                         (Bring your reading glasses in 2012-13!)    

97.4% say - "I know how to get help when my student is having problems"

                                                                         (Yeah pyramid of intervention!)

97.4% say - "My student feels safe at this school"

                                                            (Yeah mission statement and all students/staff and faculty!)



A. old         B. experienced       C. wise      D. cool       E. all of the above

-Unlike the CAHSEE and STAR tests, there is no right of wrong answer to this one; however here are some interesting statistics about Hillside teachers.    

Our teachers average 15 years of educational experience, and they average 12.4 years of educational experience within the Upland School District.


TRIVIA QUESTIONS!!!!!  (answers in "Bell Schedules" in the "Our School" tab)

1.  Which two creative Hillside teachers began using the "Khan Academy Online Training" in 2011-12??????

2.  How can Hillside alumni stay in touch with Hillside and share their educational, professional and personal progress?????

Additional Classes Information

Obtaining additional classes is a privilege at HHS. In order for a student to qualify for additional classes, they must demonstrate dedication and prove that they are hard working. Additional ...more