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Dear Hillside High Families,

I want to welcome our new students and family members that have joined Hillside High School this semester.  It is our mission to provide a safe environment where our students can re-establish their academic, personal, and career goals.  I know that change is difficult but I think you will find Hillside High School a welcoming and positive school to attend. 


On Tuesday, February 25th, our students had an opportunity to go through a mock job interview.  Representatives from our West End SELPA, CVS, Chaffey College, Chaffey School District, San Bernardino County Office of Education, Employment Resource Center, and the Riverside Unified School District came together to help us put on this special event. 


Each student that signed up for an interview had a choice of interviewing for CVS, Denny’s, Petco, or KinderCare. They were provided a list of frequently used interview questions, an application, and some information about the company to help them prepare for the interview. 

Many of the students came to school in professional dress and by the end of the day 80 students completed an interview.  In addition to the feedback students received, they learned that with a little work and preparation, they can improve their interview skills to increase the likelihood of landing a job.

On Friday, February 28th, several students started the application process with Chaffey College.  Working on laptops in our student center, students heard an orientation by a Chaffey College representative and filled out Chaffey College applications.  Chaffey will meet with these students two more times to complete the assessment process and register for college classes next fall.  It is exciting to see our students prepare for the next phase of their education.

Please read over the remainder of our newsletter so you know everything that is coming up.  The winter is coming to a close and spring is around the corner.  Thank you for all of your support.  I look forward to seeing you on Report Card Night.


Brad Cuff,




     Have you seen the fantastic student created art work on the walls of the student center?  It really brightens up our campus; it was initially created for the School Board members to enjoy during their meeting at Hillside in March of 2012.  Now it will continue for all of us to enjoy!  Nice work art students!




     During the 2011-12 school year Hillside's staff and committees have been working on updating the Mission Statement and the ESLRs as we prepare for our WASC visitation in March of 2013.  In 2007, Hillside received a six year clear WASC accreditation, and we are hoping to keep up that tradition of strong accreditation recommendations.



     "The mission of Hillside High School is to provide a safe environment where students can re-establish their academic, personal, and career goals necessary for success in a global society."


NEW WORKING DRAFT ESLRs (Expected School-wide Learning Results)

     As the staff discussed the previous ESLRs, they decided to modify them in an attempt to make them more user friendly to students.  An acronym was developed in order to help students internalize the school's main goals.

H   - High School diploma

A   - Achieve academic/career goals

W  - Welcome and respect cultural diversity

K   - Knowledge of, and access to 21-century technology

S   - Self Control, professional behavior, and conflict resolution


2012 SCHOOL SURVEY HIGHLIGHTS - "Our survey said......"

97.5% say -"I receive regular reports on my student's progress." (Yeah School Loop!)

92.3% say  - "My student is prepared to write clearly and effectively." (Yeah school-wide writing!)

59% say - "My student is prepared to read, understand, and interpret information."

                                                                         (Bring your reading glasses in 2012-13!)    

97.4% say - "I know how to get help when my student is having problems"

                                                                         (Yeah pyramid of intervention!)

97.4% say - "My student feels safe at this school"

                                                            (Yeah mission statement and all students/staff and faculty!)



A. old         B. experienced       C. wise      D. cool       E. all of the above

-Unlike the CAHSEE and STAR tests, there is no right of wrong answer to this one; however here are some interesting statistics about Hillside teachers.    

Our teachers average 15 years of educational experience, and they average 12.4 years of educational experience within the Upland School District.


TRIVIA QUESTIONS!!!!!  (answers in "Bell Schedules" in the "Our School" tab)

1.  Which two creative Hillside teachers began using the "Khan Academy Online Training" in 2011-12??????

2.  How can Hillside alumni stay in touch with Hillside and share their educational, professional and personal progress?????

Additional Classes Information

Obtaining additional classes is a privilege at HHS. In order for a student to qualify for additional classes, they must demonstrate dedication and prove that they are hard working. Additional ...more